Got Internet? Got Voice Calls? Not if your network provider is down.

Today’s outage across Canada affecting Rogers Communications customers proves how much businesses rely on the internet and network connections. Debit systems, Interac e-transfer, Internet Service Providers, Corporate Networks, Transit services are all offline.

This means that people aren’t working – not making or receiving phone calls, not selling, not providing customer service, not completing transactions, not receiving payments.

If you have Turnium’s service, however, you’re still working.

Turnium enables you to use multiple connections from different carriers so your business is insulated from outages. Turnium’s service allows you to buy off-the-shelf internet connections and combine them into one larger connection, using all the connections at the same time. In the event of a network failure, you’ll keep computing, keep phoning, keep selling, and keep transacting.

We provide a managed subscription service through a network of resellers across North America, and we also license our software to communication service providers who want to deploy it, brand it, and sell it as part of their services.

Give us a call to learn how you can keep your business running, despite telecom or ISP outages.