How SD-WAN Can Help the Mining Industry

How SD-WAN Can Help the Mining Industry

The mining industry is in a state of ongoing digital transformation. Mining companies are implementing a variety of new technologies to modernize their operations, boost productivity, and streamline both management and safety.

Some of the new technologies making their way into mining locations include mobile applications, platforms for data collection and workflow management, and communications.

According to Accenture, digital technology has the potential to generate about $190 billion for the mining industry over the next decade. And 46 percent of business leaders believe that digital technology will be the biggest factor for driving innovation in the coming years.

As mining sites become more and more digitalized, though, the need for connectivity will continue to increase—especially when working with mission-critical systems or automated processes where a lapse in connectivity could lead to potential safety issues or revenue loss.

Internet, Managed, and Cloud Service providers can help mining companies improve connectivity using software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), a technology that simplifies WAN management by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

By using SD-WAN, mining companies can receive high quality, and reliable connectivity across all remote sites—even in hard-to-reach locations that are mountainous or heavily forested, where it would otherwise be very difficult to connect.

SD-WAN can provide:

  • Enhanced security: With SD-WAN, data transport takes place over a secure, encrypted virtual tunnel with built-in packet authentication for protection against man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Guaranteed QoS: In addition, multiple links can be aggregated together so that if one link should fail, packets can be moved to another link on the network. This can result in data transfers that are faster and more efficient.
  • Business continuity: By aggregating links, a remote site can also protect against unplanned downtime. Should one link fail, the site will remain up and running. This is important for mining sites that operate in areas that are prone to harsh weather.
  • & much more!

Turnium offers a unique approach to SD-WAN that puts the service provider in total control of the distribution process. By working with Turnium, service providers can distribute a white label SD-WAN service, retaining full control over branding, markup, and infrastructure.

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