Major Tech and the Global Cloud: Why SD-WAN is a key consideration when moving to the cloud

Geoff Hultin Interview on Ticker News

From keeping businesses operational to enabling loved ones to talk across distances, reliable and secure connectivity and networking are vital functions of our daily lives. As many businesses learned during the pandemic, connectivity became even more important as businesses shifted to remote work and cloud-based applications and services.
For most businesses, improving connectivity and building networks requires partnering with one of the established or incumbent (and often expensive) telecommunications companies. For many companies, cost represents a huge barrier to gaining reliable and secure connectivity between their branch offices, home-based employees, and their cloud services.
Fortunately, there is a technology solution that is making that cloud and multi-site access a reality for all businesses — no matter their size and budget. Known as SD-WAN, this technology played a critical role in helping teams rapidly scale to the cloud during the pandemic and continues to demonstrate its vital value in the future of networking.
Turnium’s Geoff Hultin sat down with Ticker News to share several key ways that SD-WAN will continue to shape cloud networking around the world.

Listen to Geoff’s interview to learn:

  • Why teams must consider a move to cloud-based solutions in a post-pandemic world.
  • Why SD-WAN is a key consideration when moving to the cloud.
  • How SD-WAN provides a reliable, secure, and affordable cloud connectivity solution (without reliance on the big tech giants).
  • How SD-WAN continues to ensure reliable networking in cloud-based environments.