Modernizing Networks in the Mining Industry

Modernizing Networks in the Mining Industry

Nicky Kearns, Global Account Manager and Co-founder of Turnium, was interviewed for the Investing in Mining Report in The Globe and Mail earlier this year. In the article, Kearns discussed how the mining industry can benefit from deploying SD-WAN to improve the three key business drivers of successful mining operations including, “…optimizing large asset utilization to achieve a higher return on assets; [and] mitigating capital risk by maximizing reliability and efficiency.”

Kearn’s premise is that mining companies can leverage advanced technologies to instrument assets at each step of their value chain to create a “digital twin” of their operations. This enables real-time data collection and analysis that can drive cost-saving or value-optimizing decisions. For example, Kearns points out how monitoring a vehicle’s movement data can help increase its RoA by timing scheduled maintenance to coincide with the normal wear on parts such as tires and engines.

Another way that mining companies can gain greater control of their operations is by building a secure, robust network using SD-WAN as the foundation for all traffic, be it in remote offices, on the drilling rig, or at the rock face. Turnium SD-WAN makes use of different last-mile technologies (such as private 5G, 4G, MPLS, DSL, and radio networks) to create a reliable network through which assets like trucks can move seamlessly without worrying about network convergence or dropped connection issues.

Network solutions for mining industry

Of course, any such solution would have to be simple to source, deploy and maintain. Turnium SD-WAN provides a zero-touch remote site provisioning capability on white box servers eliminating large capital outlays and improving TCO. All sites are managed from the Turnium SD-WAN Aggregator — deployed in a single tenant or multi-tenant environment — that controls all routing and provides live network metrics and management capabilities on-the-fly.

Network management has moved away from single-vendor, black-box networking equipment and towards a model that affords customers the choice of hardware. Moreover, they can now aggregate last-mile connections from multiple vendors building resilience into their network architecture. Turnium SD-WAN is the new best-practice for secure networking.

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The full article in the Investing in Mining Report is available through The Globe and Mail online at: Boosting mining operations with reliable and secure network solution.