New SD-WAN Entrant Disrupts Market with High Margin Solution for Service Providers

Multapplied Networks enters SD-WAN market with a unique value proposition to service providers: ‘You’ll make more money with us than with any other SD-WAN vendor.’

September 21, 2017 — Toronto, ON — Multapplied Networks Inc., today announced the launch of its white-label SD-WAN platform for Internet Service Providers and Managed Service Providers.

Building on its mature link aggregation technology, Multapplied’s platform satisfies key SD-WAN requirements including Zero-Touch Deployments/Provisioning, Seamless Failover between WAN connections, and Quality of Service for voice and video.

Multapplied believes its platform out-shines many SD-WAN competitors in its ability to provide:

(1) Bandwidth Aggregation – Multapplied provides industry-leading bonding efficiency, making 92% of the bandwidth in multiple WAN connections available to support end-user applications such as voice, video, Internet and data and providing real return on investment. “Many SD-WAN vendors are out talking about their products in very shady terms, taking advantage of the fact that SD-WAN is largely undefined,” says Cameron Couch, Vice President of Business Development. “We believe our product has features that are required for speed and resilience, but aren’t being delivered by the majority of vendors. At its core, SD-WAN is about replacing the legacy WAN with a platform that is as feature-rich and reliable as MPLS. Bandwidth Aggregation is just one area where we’re willing to go toe-to-toe with any vendor in the market.”

(2) Brownout Mitigation – Multapplied believes that few SD-WAN vendors are able to dynamically adjust WAN link treatments based on a link’s deteriorating conditions as seamlessly as its platform. “So many vendors we’ve looked at have black-out mitigation in the form of failover – some taking up to 3 minutes to detect an outage and move packets. Our system will not only fail over from one link to another in 30 milliseconds, but the system will make dynamic changes to link bitrates if jitter, latency, or packet loss hit user-defined thresholds. WAN links have much better uptime today than they did ten years ago – but some vendors are still going on about failover on outage. What customers need is the ability to detect anomalies in link health and make real-time decisions to improve the overall experience.”

(3) Zero-Touch Deployments – Multapplied Networks states that its services can be turned up without a truck roll in fifteen minutes. “A service provider offering our technology can literally ship an edge device to their customer, and the customer can be up and running within a half-hour of receiving it,” says Couch. Multapplied believes that’s important to service providers and customers alike – who, if they chose another vendor, may have to schedule a 2.5-hour window with the vendor in order to have their service turned up. “That’s just not scalable, explains Couch, “Sure, it’s zero-touch, but it’s simply too disruptive.”

(4) Hardware Agnostic – “We’ve never sold a single device and never will,” Couch continues, “we’re software experts and believe we have one of the lightest, most versatile software solutions in the marketplace. We don’t operate a network, and we don’t sell hardware. Our Service Provider Channel Partners are experts in both hardware and network management – our solution complements their core competencies perfectly. We sell our Partners a platform that enables them to offer more services and do more business.”

(5) Lifetime Partner Support – The company has designed its business model around delivering value for Service Providers. Multapplied’s Partners have access to system support for life from the first day of a partnership. Couch laments “Some SD-WAN vendors sneak additional contribution margin into annual support and/or installation fees. We’re doing things a bit differently, we’re trying to empower service providers to be able to make as much money as possible. If they want to charge their customer an annual support fee, they can choose to do that, but they’ll always get system and software support from us, as part of our partnership.”

(6) No Volume Commitments – “We see a day when every ISP around the globe, large or small, is empowered by offering SD-WAN features to their customers. We hope that we’re empowering them to get in the game now with us, and growing their customer-base and/or serviceable territory over time,” begins Couch, explaining the company’s pay-as-you-go model. “We believe in our technology and in the value of SD-WAN features for any customer, and we’re ready to stand by it. If you’re an ISP looking for a complementary SD-WAN solution, come join our family. We’ll help you market, sell, and support your customers at your own pace.”

The Canadian company currently licenses its product to Internet Service Providers and Managed Service Providers across the globe, counting thousands of sites in production.

This coming month, Multapplied is attending Incompas in San Francisco to present its value propositions and to demonstrate its platform’s capabilities. “We want to show our technology to every attendee of the conference and help them procure a solution that meets their needs. In fact, we’re handing out .ISO images to anyone that wants to test our software and prove-out our feature set,” explains Couch.