PERCH Kits Have Landed for Communication Reliability

An integrated communications solution for emergency responders, remote work camps, and event managers.

Morewave PERCH Kit

In this world of constant contact, what would you do if you lost service? What if your work choice made it hard to keep in touch? What if we have a solution.

Almost all of us know someone who works away from home. For most folks, this means a flight and a hotel room where it’s easy to call home via cel or a hotel internet connection, or coffee shop hotspot. But many of these jobs are working in remote locations such as shifting logging camps, commercial vessels out in the ocean, or maybe you are called to an emergency temporarily for a local wildfire or flood.

Reliable, Secure Communications Are Critical.

There are huge areas of no service for voice, video, and mobile phones across continents, oceans, and the world. Parents are separated from their kids for weeks or even months and miss out on all the contact, communication, and school events or performances.

Imagine Staying in Touch. Anywhere.

Recently, I spoke with Morewave, one of our channel partners. Morewave have created a fantastic solution for anyone who runs remote worksites, whether for emergency-response work or for longer- term site-based work.

It is called a PERCH Kit, a Portable Event Response Connectivity Hub Kit. Using Turnium’s software, together with Morewave’s bundled hardware and connectivity options, PERCH provides a portable, integrated communications solution for rapid deployment. This allows for communication reliability when security and bandwidth, combined with multi-path failover is required.

Less downtime, more security, aggregated bandwidth, PERCH provides real-time, 24-hour-a-day, seamless communication options for emergency response, remote work sites, or even events being hosted in locations with poor internet. PERCH is a complete integrated solution that also includes data storage and setup customized for field deployment in weatherproof hardcases. PERCH Kits are rapidly deployable all-in-one packages that come with Morewave’s full support.

From the ship on the ocean with men and women looking to call home, to remote mining and survey camps across the globe, to musical and performance events, PERCH provides an innovative reliable communications solution for your business and staff’s personal requirements and needs. Now, families can stay in touch. Now, event attendees can share their experiences. Now, emergency responders can communicate with their stakeholders and with the press and companies can solve communications issues, while creating a better work-life balance for long-term employees.

Contact Morewave at +1-604-214-8500, visit or email for more information.