Private WAN: Primer

Networks in their simplest form connect, support, and/or segment different types of applications, devices, and people in an organization. More advanced networks today need a human operator to make changes and address faults. As the network grows in complexity, every change imposes substantial overhead, as the human operator must first determine the network’s state and apply almost all configuration changes by hand at each host. Most networks exist at this stage where escalation of problems comes without the corresponding solutions.

Multapplied Networks is enabling savvy service providers to compete against incumbent service providers by delivering solutions that multi-site customers are asking for: a simple, secure, and scalable network infrastructure. Multapplied Networks’ Private Wide-Area Network (PWAN) incorporates any or all existing connectivity services into a private address space that automates provisioning and remediation – towards the holy grail of the networking field: networks that fix themselves.

Today’s organizations want to quickly make changes and/or reallocate resources. Multapplied Networks is at the forefront of unifying distributed organizations with SD-WAN, an innovative network management tool with a high-level of automation and real-time network traffic analytics to address the escalating complexity of today’s networks. Now, Multapplied SD-WAN with PWAN can define all of the network’s components according to how they should interoperate – in a secure, private address space.

Listed are a few things that are possible with PWAN (and benefits):

  • Secure, homogeneous WAN solution (private space using commodity broadband)
  • Apply and manage business policies (automatically push policy changes to all hardware)
  • Real-time traffic shaping (select paths based on performance, usage)
  • Central platform for low-touch deployments/maintenance (network state visibility, WAN troubleshooting and optimization, reduce truck roll)

These WAN-specific features augment the existing key architectural features of Multapplied SD-WAN with many capabilities:

  • Bandwidth stacking
  • Instantaneous sub-second same-IP failover for carrier redundancy
  • Bi-directional Quality of Service engine
  • Secure transport over the Internet (encryption, traffic distribution)
  • Extensible API (automate alerts)
  • Compatibility with any type of connections into a single, virtual link