SD-WAN and Digital Transformation Enablement

Customer demands have skyrocketed in recent years, forcing businesses to embrace digital transformation. In fact, according to a new report, customer experience (CX) is now at the core of digital transformation initiatives.

In the study, 69 percent of consumers say a disconnected CX would make them consider changing service providers. At the same time, 71 percent of IT decision makers report CX is a top goal in their digital transformation initiatives. And 93 percent of business leaders say delivering a relevant and reliable CX will be crucial to their company’s overall business performance two years from now.

Many businesses, however, are struggling to move digital transformation initiatives forward due to poor results. And one of the top reasons why digital transformation fails is because of limited connectivity.

As a service provider, dollar signs should be flashing in your eyes. There is a massive opportunity to step in and help businesses of all sizes with their digital transformation efforts. And one of the best ways to do so is by selling a white label software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution.

Turnium, for instance, offers a white label SD-WAN service that frees service providers and customers from the constraints that they would typically experience when working with a traditional vendor.

By offering Turnium’s white label SD-WAN service, Service Providers can in turn market themselves as connectivity enablers for digital transformation—unlocking powerful revenue-generating potential with the following features:

  • Fast, reliable connectivity: Turnium will aggregate multiple connections from multiple providers, creating a single virtual connection with up to 90 percent throughput of total bandwidth. In addition, Turnium offers per-packet load balancing, breaking data streams down into packets and distributing them across various internet connections.
  • Secure communications: Companies today require advanced transport security to protect all of the data flowing across their sites. Turnium offers an SD-WAN service that is inherently secure, with full encryption, as well as virtual tunnels comprised of multiple, diverse physical circuits.
  • Simplified management: Digital technologies can consume a tremendous amount of bandwidth, resulting in poor quality communications. With an SD-WAN portal, though, global administrators can adjust network settings as needed to maximize bandwidth prevent waste.

The best part is that by offering Turnium’s white label solution, providers can retain full control over all aspects of the SD-WAN service including branding, markup and infrastructure. The service provider will retain complete control over the service.

To learn more about how Turnium can turn your company into a digital transformation enabler, get in touch with us today!