SD-WAN: Making Wireless Branch Connectivity a Reality

Software defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is changing the way we network. While a wired network may be sufficient from a management and cost point of view, it’s subject to disruption and outages. A truly resilient design includes diversity of access technologies. Introducing wireless technologies such as LTE and 4G to provide business continuity is a great alternative. Wireless works as a fail-over to ensure that your critical applications are always available.

Making Wireless Branch Connectivity a Reality

Combining wired and wireless technologies using an SD-WAN platform allows you to use commercial, off-the-shelf fibre, broadband or wireless to create a global multi-site network with branch survivability. SD-WAN simplifies operations by putting a single-pane of glass or orchestrator in front of multiple service provider circuits or connection types. Combining 4G or LTE Wireless as a fail-over circuit with your SD-WAN provides more diversity and uptime and ensures critical application availability. Due to the dissimilar transmission characteristics, wireless technologies function best as fail-over and back-up in an SD-WAN unless all connections are wireless, in which case SD-WAN software is able to aggregate a balanced performance. Whether it be connecting branch office phone systems or supporting remote access to central, hosted corporate applications, SD-WAN and Wireless is proving to be a game changer.

An SD-WAN platform that allows you to provide sub-second fail-over between wired and wireless connections helps you deploy mission critical networks for PoS, Billing, Finance and Security. Multapplied’s SD-WAN platform is the foundation to help you realize the promise of always-on survivable branch connectivity. P-WAN (private wide-area network) connects sites securely and reliably across the globe, while Link aggregation works to deliver robust bandwidth by combining multiple links into a single tunnel. Bandwidth adaptation, which you can activate with the click of a button, automatically reduces bandwidth speed when the network is busy to provide you with optimal bandwidth all the time. This ensures that network traffic congestion doesn’t reduce your experience of network applications or the Internet. One of the perceived limitations of wireless connectivity is that it’s unreliable – Multapplied’s same IP-failover ensures that you never experience session loss as traffic from a failed link is automatically switched over any other active links, including a wireless link, in under 300 milliseconds. Multapplied’s end-to-end QoS allows you to prioritize bandwidth allocation, which allows you to experience high performance on the applications that matter most, while being able to monitor the bandwidth allocation every step of the way. Multapplied SD-WAN is putting the barriers to wireless connectivity to rest.