SD-WAN Security

Internet security breaches are so commonplace that they often are just a footnote on the news. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, we have had over 32 major internet security failures affecting over 410 million internet users. (Idenityforce).

Many organizations are currently confronted with the decisions wrestling with the challenge of how to protect themselves and their customer data from security breaches and cyber-theft.

How important is the security risk? Those A 2018 survey conducted by Gartner found that who operate a WAN identified security is the number one concern for WAN operators, ahead of performance and cost. when analyzing their network. In fact, for seventy-two percent of WAN operators, found security to be the number one top concern.

How important is the security risk

Turnium addresses Service Provider security concerns in a number of ways:

Encryption: Customers can choose between three perfect-forward security ciphers to encrypt traffic between the CPE device and the Aggregation server or add additional ciphers if the three we have don’t fit the customer’s needs.

Packet-Level Distribution Across Bonded Connections: Our packet-level distribution algorithm spreads traffic across multiple Internet connections. So, even if an attacker manages to capture data, it will be a small and insignificant part of your entire data transfer.

Traffic Authentication at the Node Level: Bonded traffic is authenticated by the receiving server to prevent an attacker from modifying or forging bonded traffic between the servers.

Firewall Integration: Service Providers have typically selected their own firewall and NGFW offerings and have trained their staff to deploy, manage and support specific platforms. End-customers also have their own preferred security platforms. Turnium enables a Service Provider to integrate their firewall and security offerings with the Turnium SD-WAN platform, ensuring that Service Providers deliver the highest level of service and security. We believe that this is a more efficient and secure approach than trying to be both an SD-WAN and security company – we leave security to the professionals.

Encrypted Device Configuration Commands: Industry-standard SSL protects the appliance from unauthorized control.

Remote Bonding Appliance (CPE) Security: The bonding appliance is controlled remotely by our management server. In addition to having its own firewall, all communications between the appliance and the Aggregation server are secured by SSL, ensuring that it is protected.

According to Gartner Inc., the SD-WAN market is expected to grow from $475 million in 2017 to $2.32 billion by 2022. Implementing our platform enables Service Providers across the globe to ensure secure last-mile connectivity from the client site to the data center. Our architecture, encryption and open platform for firewall integration through API enable Service Providers to deliver highly secure Wide Area Networks and customer solutions.

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