SD-WAN: The 4 Benefits for Internet Service Providers

As an ISP, you are critical to the functioning of your customers businesses.  Your connectivity and services ensure that customers remain online, all the time, while playing a key role in their use of web-hosted and cloud-based applications.  And, minimizing support tickets while increasing customer satisfaction, revenues, and margins, drives your business.

SD-WAN gives you the competitive edge you need.  It allows you to control the service, manage the delivery, and use it to build your brand.  Keeping your customers online maximizes the web experience, gives them business continuity and enables you to build your brand name and your profits. Here are 4 ways that Turnium SD-WAN helps ISPs provide quality service.


Seamless Failover

Say goodbye to having customers upset because their internet went down.  Deliver up-time, all the time. This cost of downtime calculator shows how disastrous downtime can be for business. When businesses can’t carry out their core functions they lose revenues and profits.   SD-WAN gives you automatic fail-over that switches the traffic from a failed link to other links working in the aggregation.  Same IP-failover maintains sessions for real-time applications like voice and data flows, which move from failed links in less than 300 milliseconds.


Greater Bandwidth

The only thing more frustrating than no internet is slow internet.  Just giving customers uptime isn’t enough; you need to give them quality application experience.  Bandwidth is a valuable resource and it’s imperative that its being used efficiently.

Link aggregation increases your customers speed and reliability by combining multiple links into a single tunnel; If one link fails, traffic shifts to other links in less than one second.  Single IP ensures real-time streams are maintained.  Multiple sites can be combined into a single Private Wide-Area Network (PWAN) securely.  Meanwhile, Bandwidth Adaptation optimizes bandwidth by adjusting the performance of their WAN connections when the network is busy.  Dynamically managing links provides customers with a reliable end-user experience and reduces trouble tickets.  End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) enables your customers to prioritize bandwidth allocation to the applications that matter most.  John watching cat videos in the corner will no longer interrupt VoIP connectivity.


Provide a Secure Network

Unfortunately, Hackers are evolving faster than the defenses.  The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, reported a 4x rise in data hacking attacks in 2018.  SD-WAN enables you to secure your customers’ data end-to-end, while providing them with full monitoring and management capabilities over their network to ensure only the traffic they want is going in.  Whether it’s single-site or multi-site, protect your customers’ data and secure all communications using DTLS in three cipher strengths – AES128, AES256, and Salsa20 – or add additional ciphers per your customer’s needs.  Site-to-Site encryption will encode their data in a way that only they can access it.


Increase Revenues & Margin

Why promote someone else’s brand when you can promote your own? Turnium’s white label, white box SD-WAN platform allows you to manage and brand the customer experience, end-to-end; It’s your business, so brand the service your way and manage the entire customer experience (Turnium SD-WAN Business Model). Sell multiple connections (Cable, DSL, Fiber, LTE) to individual customers and use our business platform as the vehicle for delivering hosted and cloud-based applications with maximized performance, security, and reliability.  Incorporating our platform increases sales and stickiness of your existing services, while adding a new source of high-margin, monthly recurring revenue.