Turnium SD-WAN: The Platform to Boost VoIP Sales

Phone calls are crucial to the everyday functioning of business.  Without phones, sales, customer service, and the revenue engine in every business stops.  To maintain operations, reliable, consistent, high-quality voice service is required.  Delivering VOIP and SIP over top of an SD-WAN platform provides always-on, high-quality voice calls and ensures no dropped calls. This keeps businesses connected with customers, the supply chain, and the rest of the world.

Businesses are under pressure to provide an environment that customers expect in today’s world: relevant, personalized, always-on, and easily accessible.  This is an environment that technologies like SD-WAN have brought on – they’re setting the bar higher for Unified Communications. Turnium SD-WAN will enable you to break down the barriers to crystal-clear VoIP, leading customers to associate reliable VoIP with your business.

When people hear that they can experience reliable connectivity on phones that are powered by the Internet they’re quick to jump to conclusions:  “What if my power goes out?”, “What if my Internet goes out?  This happens every couple months.  What if it happens while I’m on the phone with an important customer?”

Turnium SD-WAN helps you make these questions a thing of the past.  To put it simply, we enhance the quality of your VoIP delivery which keeps your customers coming back and maximizes your money-making potential. Turnium’s SD-WAN business platform allows you to deliver end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) over any internet connection available, giving your customers clear voice and crisp video at an affordable price.  Customizable QoS profiles enable you to allocate bandwidth into “Classes of Service”.  You can determine how much bandwidth a customer will have for high priority data, such as VoIP, with the click of a button.  You could allocate ALL the bandwidth to VoIP if you wanted to.

We all know dropped calls lead to dropped revenue – Turnium SD-WAN ensures that your phones are always up-and-running. Link aggregation stacks the bandwidth of multiple connections into one large data pipe, providing automatic data failover to the live connections should one fail.  Set a connection to “failover mode” and it will seamlessly come live and assume the data of the lost connection in under 300 milliseconds.  This maintains voice calls with undetectable packet loss or impact on the sound, keeps your IP address the same, and allows a customer’s business to function while the lost connection is restored.

Bandwidth Adaptation automatically adjusts the speed, latency and jitter of a link when it is experiencing transmission issues to preserve the end-user experience. When setting up a customer, enable leg tuning to automatically configure the connections of the bond to perform at their maximum potential.  This ensures the best customer experience right from the time of service deployment.

What this all Means for you

Turnium SD-WAN gives you the tools to deliver reliable, crystal-clear voice across the globe with always-on connectivity, keeping customers’ businesses running and cash flowing in.  Turnium’s SD-WAN business platform enables you to sell and deliver VoIP more effectively and allows you to reach more customers, bringing “off-net” customers into your VOIP footprint.  Our white label, white box business platform, allows you to associate reliable VoIP with YOUR brand name. Maximize your hosted PBX revenues and reduce support costs, while providing quality service to your customers.  Change the way you deliver VoIP.

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