SD-WAN: Your Secure On-Ramp to Deliver Managed Services

Your Secure On-Ramp to Deliver Managed Services

Cloud applications are now being used across all areas of the enterprise, from billing to marketing to sales to customer support, and everything in between.

In a recent study from IDG, it was revealed that 77 percent of enterprises now store at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud. Fifteen percent of enterprises, for that matter, claimed they are planning to adopt cloud applications and platforms in the near future.

While it’s great that enterprises are embracing digital transformation and modernizing their workflows using applications, the truth is most are still supporting applications with outdated legacy infrastructure.

This is a problem.

The majority of network administrators we talk to report having limited visibility and control over their software deployments across all of their branch locations—an issue that often leads to poorly-performing applications, and security issues.

Solution: SD-WAN

Service providers can help streamline application deployments using software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). Turnium’s white label SD-WAN solution, for instance, can serve as a single, secure “on-ramp” connecting all branch locations to cloud services and corporate headquarters. By taking this approach, service providers can extend the customer edge directly to the cloud. This can produce the following benefits:

Faster troubleshooting:

The service provider ultimately gains total, end-to-end visibility and over the customer’s WAN—and the freedom to use their own network and data centers. This allows the provider to resolve issues much faster. When a customer calls to report a service issue, there is no need to consult with a third party provider—even when relying on them for last mile connectivity.

Bundled offerings:

The white label SD-WAN approach also gives the provider the freedom to bundle any type of voice, video, security or data replication service with SD-WAN. This can enhance per-client revenue, and keep customers “sticky.” In other words, they will be less likely to seek out third party providers for additional services.

99.999 percent uptime:

Ultimately, your customers want peace of mind that their network applications will remain up and running—and you can deliver that with SD-WAN. Turnium offers same IP-failover, so that if a link should fail, traffic will automatically switch over to another active link on the network. Turnium, in fact, guarantees industry-leading 99.999 percent uptime.

Guaranteed application delivery:

One of the top issues that network administrators struggle with when managing a WAN is resource allocation. In an average enterprise, for instance, there are many different applications all competing for bandwidth. With SD-WAN, managers can prioritize traffic in order to ensure that business critical applications receive all of the resources that they need to function properly—and that all end users have access to fully-functioning applications.

Maximum bandwidth ROI:

To that point, businesses today are paying a premium amount for bandwidth. However, it’s largely being mismanaged and wasted. With SD-WAN, providers can help customers help customers maximize the return on their investment for the bandwidth they are paying for. They’re able to scale bandwidth up or down based on specific requirements. This is a powerful selling point.

Per-packet load balancing:

Further uptime and network stability can be provided for customers with per-packet load balancing across multiple circuits. This provides improved reliability, and sub-second failover.

Turnium’s SD-WAN service, for instance, manages and prioritizes traffic at the per-packet level for site redundancy. Turnium’s SD-WAN service can eliminate the need for forward-error correction.

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