Security and SD-WAN – the Omninet Approach

The future of networking and Internet combines the reliability and ROI of SD-WAN with the security performance of Cloud UTM and Firewall-as-a-Service.

Business and consumers rely on their networks and the Internet. Business processes are integrated with Web, Cloud, and Hosted applications to deliver to employees, branch offices and customers. Consumers have integrated the Internet into their lives at home, on the street, at work and when travelling. The Internet has become a source and delivery mechanism for data and applications.

This integration has made Security a big challenge. Ransomware can easily infect businesses and consumer devices. Theft of personal data from a business can result in brand damage and financial losses as well as penalties.

The ability to provide effective Cloud-based security has eluded Service Providers for years. From automated attacks to exploits of unforeseen vulnerabilities, businesses struggle to maintain their security solutions and many businesses and consumers have ineffective or non-existent security.

Omninet acknowledges security challenges

Delivering Cloud-security comes with technical challenges. High-performance network access may not be available or can cost too much. The ROI of deploying MPLS across a multi-site organization is hard to justify or may be impossible if the organization is trans-national. Cheaper broadband services have lacked the ability to groom data flows and provide reliable bandwidth.

Omninet introduces Turnium SD-WAN technology

SD-WAN platforms make affordable, reliable, high-bandwidth and high-performance networks available to businesses. High-end, managed enterprise Cloud Security solutions can be deployed across an organization at the right price and offer the right security options. It is possible to create a security infrastructure that is scalable and can support small, medium and enterprise customers at a fraction of the cost.

Omninet bundles Turnium SD-WAN technology with their Cloud Security offers to deliver significant operational and customer efficiency. Specifically:


  • It’s easier for customers to purchase security and WAN bundles from a single provider. A single source for both high-performance network and security simplifies procurement and billing.
  • Scale and additional functionality can be added easily. The nature of a large, multi-tenant security platform means that it can scale and deliver a variety of security capabilities to a broad range of customers at an affordable cost.
  • Cloud-based deep packet inspection can examine inbound and outbound network data flows and tag the flows accurately which enables the SD-WAN platform to place them in the proper queue classes and manage the traffic flows on an application-level appropriately.
  • More efficient processing and resource utilization. When the processor-intensive tasks of Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-gen firewall inspection are performed in the cloud, larger more cost-effective multi-tenant security platforms can be used. These devices are faster and more capable than the customer-premised-based hardware most organizations can afford to purchase and maintain. This allows Omninet to benefit from economies of scale.
  • More efficient WAN performance with lower bandwidth pollution. By adding Security to the SD-WAN, Omninent blocks unwanted traffic at the edge before unwanted traffic uses bandwidth or creates problems.
  • Grow brands, products, opportunities and profits. Omninet benefits from managing margins across the network and Security product lines to suit their requirements. And Omninet becomes a full-service provider, enabling solutions that previously required a three-way relationship between Omninet, the customer and a Network Service Provider. As long as the SD-WAN platform supports white-labelling, this reduces the number of touchpoints, increases simplicity and increases value.
  • Bundling Security and SD-WAN means that Omninet can control the network and the security platform. Networks can be tailored for each customer and performance issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently as the Omninet has visibility to the entire network end-to-end.


Integrating Cloud Based Security with Turnium SD-WAN platform gives Omninet, or any Managed Security Service Provider, a complete managed solution. Turnium’s white-label platform allows Omninet to deliver a branded, groomed, reliable network solution to single-site or multi-site customers and deliver high performance security, generating brand value, revenue and profits.