TTGI Joins The Linux Foundation and The Linux Foundation Networking

TTGI Joins The Linux Foundation and The Linux Foundation Networking

Turnium Technology Group is proud to join The Linux Foundation and The Linux Foundation Networking. The Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) group brings together technology organizations to collaborate on building and delivering new network infrastructure platforms and solutions. Our goal is to help further LFN community goals by contributing our industry knowledge and mid-market and enterprise experience developing and commercializing software-driven networking technologies.

TTGI’s mission is to connect everything, anywhere. Our innovative SD-WAN solution offers seamless connection to the things that really matter — people, data, devices and applications — anywhere the internet or data networks can reach.

Becoming part of the LFN community provides TTGI the opportunity to participate in a wide range of innovative networking projects, a collaborative environment and an ecosystem focused on advancing both the business and human benefits technology can offer. The Linux Foundation is not a typical industry alliance. Its projects are designed to demonstrate practical solutions to business and tech challenges — and its focus is on using collaboration and open-source solutions to solve those problems.

The projects undertaken at LFN demonstrate how critical networks and connectivity are to our world. We were excited to join with leading telecommunications, data and network experts working on the Virtual Central Office/5G cloud-native network project showcased at Kubecon + CloudNativeCon in 2019, the next iteration at ONES in 2020 and future iterations. Practical projects and thought leadership such as this project advance telecom and networking, enabling people to see how commercial solutions can integrate open-source technology. We’re thrilled to be a part of this evolution!

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