Turnium’s 2021 Year in Review

I’ve had some time to reflect on Turnium’s 2021 year during MWC Barcelona. It’s probably the same story for every company, but we had quite a year in 2021! I’m not talking about the obvious time spent working remotely and minimizing social contact — but more about what the Turnium team was able to accomplish despite all that disruption and change.

Turnium 2021 Year in Review

So, I’m going to go through a pretty big list of achievements and highlight some things that we’ve accomplished. These aren’t listed in any particular order, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things. Even just this list gives a sense of what we’re all working through and towards!

1. Big Advances by Sales & Development

Tremendous progress by the sales and development teams were made to enhance our software platform and help our customers build better, simpler networks. Go Team! Doing all this through travel and office restrictions made for lots of video calls and early mornings and late nights! My thanks to you and to your families for putting up with the intrusion.

2. ACG Research Video with Ray Mota

Check out the fireside chat that we had with ACG’s Ray Mota about how enterprise and service providers should evaluate SD-WAN platforms including business model, business continuity, operational cost, and margins.

3. Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) Membership

After working closely with the Linux Foundation Networking at the Kubecon keynote presentation in 2019, we joined the LFN and participated in the Marketing Advisory Council (MAC), including Sandeep helping as Vice-Chair of the MAC. In this role, Turnium helped build and shape the LFN’s Marketing Strategy for 2022. We’ve been happy to provide our practical insights as a small software developer to the MAC and participated in the LFN’s presentation at the Open Networking & Edge Summit (ONES) in 2020.

4. Container Certification of Turnium on Red Hat® OpenShift®

In 2021, we completed our certification as a CNF-Certified on Red Hat OpenShift and were added to Red Hat’s online catalog. This is significant as it helps enterprises, telcos, and other service providers automate their environments and SD-WAN deployments using Red Hat’s ecosystem. Read our joint Red Hat, Turnium solution brief for more info.

Virtual ICT Trade Mission to Brazil

5. Virtual ICT Trade Mission to Brazil

Organized by Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Trade Commission Service (TCS) — shoutout for an excellent event to Global Affairs and our TCS partners for your support and help! We were delighted to have great conversations with Brazilian service providers and organizations that attended virtually.

6. IBM Partnership

Together with the Cloud for Telecommunications team, we successfully launched and sold our joint, integrated solution of IBM Cloud + Turnium disaggregated SD-WAN to our partner TAG/Technology Assurance Group. We’ve also achieved IBM’s Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Service (ROKS) certification and achieved Lab validated status on IBM’s Cloud Pak for Network Automation. In achieving all of these goals, we’ve worked extensively with teams across IBM. If you’re looking for a great team who can help enable your telecom and cloud business — the IBM team is fantastic!

7. “Ready to Rocket” by Rocketbuilders

This annual survey highlights Vancouver, BC-based companies that are ready to take off. After last year, we’re certainly ready!!!

8. Rebranded and Redesigned Turnium Website

A significant effort to rethink how we’re positioned and the value that our brand stands for. This was a huge effort and I think, when you check out www.turnium.com, you’ll agree that you’ve not seen a technology company website like it before! The team at Total Product Marketing did a great job with a design and brand image that makes us stand out!

 Rebranded and Redesigned Turnium Website

9. Onboarded a New Channel Partner

This new partner has an impressive sales and infrastructure presence across Central and South America. Another huge focus from the sales and technical team is to work with this partner through the process of evaluating, discussing, proof-of-concept, contracting, and deploying our white-label, disaggregated SD-WAN platform. Our thanks to our new partner’s team members for their confidence in Turnium and our platform! We’re looking forward to bringing the value.

10. Nominated for and Won Intel Winner’s Circle Status

This progression into Intel’s partner program is evidence of the strong partnership benefits that Intel can offer. We’re excited to move this forward in 2022 and complete our ongoing testing and verification activity before moving ahead with evaluating other Intel technologies for use in our solutions.

11. Built a Bundled, Embedded Solution with Lanner

This enables Turnium’s software to be delivered pre-installed on Lanner’s uCPE-1515 and their newest hardware, the uCPE-1516. This embedded solution enables service providers, telcos, and enterprise customers to purchase our Link Aggregation and Internet/Wired-Wireless Bonding software pre-installed on Lanner’s uCPE hardware. This simplifies the ordering and deployment process and gets sites live faster with more robust, resilient connections. Together with Lanner, we showcased our software on Lanner’s uCPE-1516 at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain (more on that below)!

12. Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles

This was a great show and an opportunity to work with and meet the teams from IBM, Red Hat, and Lanner. We were very happy to work the IBM booth to show off our demo of the IBM Cloud Extension integrated solution with Turnium. This solution provides an end-to-end environment that helps telcos and enterprises extend their cloud reach anywhere, including last mile, middle-mile, backbone, cloud hosting, orchestration, automation, and overlay networking.

We were excited to be featured in Lanner’s booth, where we showed off the benefits of the embedded Turnium/Lanner uCPE-1515 solution to service providers and enterprise attendees. We also were honoured by being able to conduct daily presentations of our integrated solution with Red Hat and discuss how Red Hat’s software ecosystem can deliver an integrated experience, including Turnium SD-WAN, for telcos and enterprise customers.

13. The Great Indoors

MWC-LA also included an interview with Sandeep on their segment while at MWC-LA. Our thanks to TGI for the opportunity to share Turnium’s ideas and vision.

14. Speaking of Mobile World Congress

We were back at MWC 2022, this time in Barcelona, Spain. We’re continuing our engagements with IBM, Red Hat, and Lanner with ongoing presence in their booth spaces. In addition, a number of meetings were set up between Turnium, our partner channel, and IBM, Red Hat, and Lanner. And we used the opportunity to increase Turnium brand awareness with advertising at the Barcelona airport prior to and during MWC22.

Growing Team

15. Growing Team!

New Turnium team members in Vancouver, Halifax, and remote, work-from-home. As we moved through the year, new team members joined, some left, some left and returned. We thank the team members that left for their support and dedication and wish you all well in the next phases of your careers. For those that joined (or joined again), Welcome to the team everyone! You know who you are!

16. New Office Space in Halifax

The Dev team in Halifax has finally moved into their permanent space. Just upstairs from their temporary lodgings, the new office is fantastic; close to the water and all sorts of other amenities. The move-in day was lovely, perfect for such an adventure.

As I said off the top, it was a crazy busy year and I’m certain that important achievements were left off this list. And I want to thank the entire Turnium team and community — spouses, kids, family, board members, advisors, investors — for your support and encouragement!