4 Ways MSPs Make More Money with Turnium’s Unbeatable SD-WAN Licensing Model

Boosting your company’s bottom line may not be your sole focus while providing managed services — but profit levels are always going to figure into the decision-making process. Of course you want to provide a great product, build your reputation and serve your customers well. But at the end of the day, your business needs to make money, or you won’t be able to keep doing all those other things. Multapplied’s unique SD-WAN licensing model is built to help you do just that.

Gartner has long predicted the death of the data center and the shift to scalable, agile infrastructure accessed using technology like SD-WAN. In fact, Gartner estimates that SD-WAN adoption will hit at least 60% by 2024.

The rise of SD-WAN should, in theory, provide MSPs with some relief from the constraints of big telecom contracts — but many providers haven’t delivered on SD-WAN’s promise of simplification and flexibility. Multapplied, takes a different approach. And our SD-WAN licensing model is one of the main reasons MSPs choose us over mainstream vendors.

In this post, we’ll take a look at four ways the Multapplied SD-WAN licensing model helps MSPs like you increase profits and grow your business — without compromising the service you offer your customers.

Support at Every Stage

We know that our success depends on your success. So Turnium offers expert support at every stage of your SD-WAN implementation.

SD-WAN Launch Assistance

Launch Assistance

Your team may not be experts in SD-WAN. To ensure you get started on the right foot, we offer a shoulder-to-shoulder deployment model. We’ll work with your team to help you do everything needed to make the leap into the SD-WAN world.

  • Sizing initial deployments
  • Get initial core nodes running
  • Testing and adjusting nodes as needed

Marketing and Sales

The Turnium SD-WAN licensing model goes beyond the technical aspects of our offering. Our team can also supply you with marketing materials to help promote your new service and train your sales team, so they can sell SD-WAN confidently. We’ll also help you prepare for trade shows — our team has even attended trade shows to support partners in the past.

Unbeatable Pricing Model

One of the key problems SD-WAN was supposed to solve for MSPs was freeing them from contract lock-in with telecom companies that charged for services the MSPs didn’t even need. But many SD-WAN vendors have modelled their practices on those of telecoms, creating the same problem for MSPs.

Under Turnium’s SD-WAN licensing model, you pay only for what you use. No hefty fees for changing the contract, no hidden charges.

No Bandwidth-Based Pricing

Pay a flat, fixed amount per site per month.

Pay-Per-Use/Subscription Pricing

Pay the same amount per site on a monthly basis. Gain a customer, pay the fee. Lose a customer, don’t pay for those sites.

Unlimited Core Licenses

As you grow and need to expand, there’s no charge for core SD-WAN node licenses. The only thing you pay for are the customer sites.

A Better, More Profitable Service

When you can offer a better service than other MSPs while keeping your prices competitive, profit and growth are nearly guaranteed. Our unique SD-WAN licensing model isn’t Turnium’s only selling point — we provide you with a superior product that will help you keep customers happy and win conversions.

Bigger SD-WAN Margins

A number of Turnium partners use our SD-WAN licensing model to sell at more than five to seven times their cost to achieve managed SD-WAN revenues of $500 to $700 per month — and they still have a price advantage over their competitors. These margins can be reinvested in your business.

Automated Network Provisioning

Turnium SD-WAN lets you easily deploy private, secure, multi-site, routed networks with automatic change propagation.This reduces how often you’ll need to deploy limited, highly-skilled professional services on routine tasks.

SD-WAN White-Label

Promote Yourself — Not Turnium

The white-label, white box nature of the Turnium SD-WAN licensing model means that you are more than just a reseller. Build relationships with clients and establish yourself as an expert provider with an SD-WAN offering that puts your company in the driver’s seat. Build your own brand, source hardware from your vendors of choice and maintain full ownership of your customers.

As a bonus, our RESTful API lets you integrate SD-WAN into your Network Management Systems and Billing Systems for greater efficiency in your operations.

Leverage Turnium’s SD-WAN Licensing Mode

Our business model is designed to help our MSP partners grow and thrive. If you’ve put off deploying SD-WAN because of concerns about complexity or price, we can help. Contact the experts at Turnium with your questions or book a demo today.