Seamless Connectivity: Elevating Business Continuity through 5G and SD-WAN

5G and SD-WAN

We’ve written a bit about 5G in the past, and we’ve written a lot about SD-WAN. When the two technologies come together, there’s some real magic that can happen for our channel partners and their business customers.

The Beautiful Friendship Between 5G and SD-WAN

This blog provides a summary of the powerful synergy between 5G and SD-WAN. For a deeper dive into the potential of 5G and SD-WAN, explore the source article from CompTIA. Discover how businesses are achieving uninterrupted operations and enhancing customer experiences.

One of the beauties of 5G is its speed and performance. This means that it’s the perfect technology to use as a backup or failover circuit for single-site or multi-site businesses. Imagine that you are a small retailer. Your revenue depends on being able to process credit and debit transactions from walk-in customers. When your main landline service (DSL, cable, fiber) goes out of service, you need a backup so that your register keeps ringing and customers don’t walk out dis-satisfied, maybe never to return from one bad experience.

When our partners bundle 5G offers with the SD-WAN services they offer using our platform, this problem simply goes away. Within 300 milliseconds (really fast) of a failure on a primary connection, PoS traffic switches over to 5G and the transaction goes through!

For businesses, this gives ongoing transactions, ongoing email connections to support requests, and ongoing connections to food ordering and delivering services such as UberEats.

For Turnium partners, bundling 5G with landline and SD-WAN services provides a new way to improve customer experience, solve customer problems, increase customer loyalty, and achieve business continuity.

Everyone wins!