The Key to a Connected Future is Business SD-WAN

“Connect Everything. Anywhere”

That’s a bold statement to be sure. But it’s also the vision we’re striving to achieve at Turnium.

To us, “Connect Everything. Anywhere” is a statement that describes how the internet has changed our ability to communicate with each other virtually instantaneously anytime we wish. It also describes the forces that the Internet and digital transformation have unleashed — forces that are compelling more devices, people, and data to connect and stay connected.

When we consider how the internet has improved business communication worldwide, it’s astonishing.

Business SD-WAN is key to a connected anywhere future

Over the last century, we’ve gone from using the telegraph, telephone, and television over proprietary networks to connecting people and communities with wireless tablets, mobile devices, and laptops over the Internet. These connections will increasingly involve people and applications using software and applications instead of plugging in physical devices, ports, wires, and antennas. To enable this “hands-off” and push-button vision, the physical infrastructure will obviously continue to proliferate, increasing in density and distribution across the globe and in space, but people and applications won’t need to touch it. The logical and physical connections required will be managed by software.

Business SD-WAN is key to a connected anywhere future, for all

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have become focused on connecting their staff, devices, and customers, regardless of location. To achieve this, new networking pathways must seamlessly reach any location — no matter how remote and difficult to access.

And this is precisely where business SD-WAN technology is designed to excel.

We’re focused on ensuring that all types of connections can be used to build logical networks using our software. We’re also focused on making our software run on a wide variety of devices and connections using common operating systems.

This is important because there’s a crucial element of freedom inherent in connecting everything anywhere.

In the last 100 years, access to communication and networks has been controlled by a few companies in every country. These companies decide who gets access, when, where, how, and at what price. Their logical argument is that it costs money to build networks to support connections, and it’s their money, so they get to set the rules. No argument there. But, the digital economy we live in is based on participation.

The Key to a Connected Future is Business SD-WAN

We see the opportunity of making it easier for more people to participate. Our disaggregated business SD-WAN products are intended to deliver a platform to service providers of all sizes that will help the family, farmer, small business, medium-sized company or even the multi-national with remote branch offices get better access to data, people, applications, markets, and audiences on the internet NOW. Because they need it NOW to participate in today’s digital economy and benefit their communities and families.

Fulfilling this vision requires solutions that work with the lowest common denominator of communication. We want to solve a fundamental problem: To give more people and businesses the ability to connect, to participate in the economy that buys and sells knowledge, skills, products, and services regardless of where they are located.

And we believe that applying data communication network technologies such as our business SD-WAN technology can enable this participation. It can create networks that are highly accessible and affordable, that converge wired and wireless technologies or be wireless-only using 3G, 4G, 5G, or fixed wireless, and can support secure on-ramp connections to cloud services. Not only are the business benefits of SD-WAN immense, but this technology is also the key to achieving equitable connectivity for all.

We’re not going to solve every problem, but we do believe we can help in some ways by making networks more accessible to everyone, everywhere.