Turnium SD-WAN: Technology or Business Platform?

SD-WAN is disrupting the communications industry by giving MSPs, ISPs, and the sophisticated IT director the power to deploy, monitor, and manage high-quality, high ROI business networks. SD-WAN provides the competitive edge Service Providers need to differentiate and compete with national and international telecoms. However, SD-WAN is more than software. It is a platform to … Read more

Managed SD-WAN Success Story

Mr Scaffold, an Australian scaffolding company had a problem: none of the connectivity options available could deliver the throughput their temporary sites needed. Due to security (navy base) and the temporary nature of the sites, getting access to a permanent high-throughput fixed-line was not an option. Also, they did not have the line-of-sight to connect … Read more

Private WAN: Primer

Networks in their simplest form connect, support, and/or segment different types of applications, devices, and people in an organization. More advanced networks today need a human operator to make changes and address faults. As the network grows in complexity, every change imposes substantial overhead, as the human operator must first determine the network’s state and … Read more