SD-WAN: Busting the Common VoIP Myths

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is cheaper than traditional phone systems, enables people to connect in a variety ways, and maximizes the money-making potential of businesses (Turnium SD-WAN: The Key to Boosting VoIP Sales).  Despite these benefits, VoIP was originally met with skepticism regarding its reliability and effectiveness.  Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) breaks down the … Read more

Turnium SD-WAN: The Platform to Boost VoIP Sales

Phone calls are crucial to the everyday functioning of business.  Without phones, sales, customer service, and the revenue engine in every business stops.  To maintain operations, reliable, consistent, high-quality voice service is required.  Delivering VOIP and SIP over top of an SD-WAN platform provides always-on, high-quality voice calls and ensures no dropped calls. This keeps … Read more

Security and SD-WAN – the Omninet Approach

The future of networking and Internet combines the reliability and ROI of SD-WAN with the security performance of Cloud UTM and Firewall-as-a-Service. Business and consumers rely on their networks and the Internet. Business processes are integrated with Web, Cloud, and Hosted applications to deliver to employees, branch offices and customers. Consumers have integrated the Internet … Read more

Managed SD-WAN Success Story

Mr Scaffold, an Australian scaffolding company had a problem: none of the connectivity options available could deliver the throughput their temporary sites needed. Due to security (navy base) and the temporary nature of the sites, getting access to a permanent high-throughput fixed-line was not an option. Also, they did not have the line-of-sight to connect … Read more

Private WAN: Primer

Networks in their simplest form connect, support, and/or segment different types of applications, devices, and people in an organization. More advanced networks today need a human operator to make changes and address faults. As the network grows in complexity, every change imposes substantial overhead, as the human operator must first determine the network’s state and … Read more