Questions from our Inbox – SD-WAN Setup/Deployment

Welcome to the first edition of our 3 part blog series on our most Frequently asked questions. Below are some of the questions we’ve been asked relating to SD-WAN setup/deployment.

How do I create a VPN for my voice over the connection?

A: With Turnium SD-WAN software, there is no need to create a VPN for voice.  Our Quality of Service (QoS) profile allows you to define and manage high priority data to be placed in a priority queue or ‘Class of Service”.

Today I have IPsec VPN’s to connect all the branch offices.  Adding new offices is cumbersome and requires all sites be touched. What should I do?

A: With MNI SD-WAN, these IPsec tunnels and the “support” needed to maintain and manage them is a thing of the past.  You create what we call a ‘Space’ on the Management Server, you then build the profile for the customer site on the Management Server.  It is a few fields and pop downs.  Place the customer in the space and all the “VPN” data is built for you.  To add a new site, you build the site profile, add it to the Space and all sites in the space now know how to communicate to this new site.

I have multiple sites and want to connect them securely, how do you support this?

A: MNI SD-WAN feature called Private WAN (PWAN) allows one to create a private virtual MPLS-like environment to securely connect all your sites.  Choose from AES 128, AES 256 or Salsa20 256 encryption ciphers to keep your data private.  This coupled with our proprietary tunnel technology that moves your data by the packet over multiple circuits, adds yet another layer of security to your data.

Where do I put my Firewall?

A: This depends on if you are a single site customer or a multi-site PWAN organization and where you want to put it.  You can install the firewall at the site, placing the firewall between your LAN and the SD-WAN CPE.  You can place your Firewall in the data center. The Firewall can be dedicated or could be FaaS (Firewall as a Service) provided by your SD-WAN provider.

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