How SD-WAN Improves Network Application Performance

Building a better, faster and frictionless network is a significant priority for IT and Network managers. But the prevalence and use of third-party platforms such as cloud and hosted applications, big data and analytics in the business ecosystem, are increasing the amount of stress on these networks. And poor network performance reduces productivity, which ultimately … Read more

10 Reasons to Use SD-WAN

In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to have poor Internet connections. With so many business-critical applications hosted in the cloud, downtime or unreliable connections can cost you dearly. In addition, if your business has multiple locations, you also need to connect all the offices through an external network and the most common solution is … Read more

SD-WAN: The 4 Benefits for Internet Service Providers

As an ISP, you are critical to the functioning of your customers businesses.  Your connectivity and services ensure that customers remain online, all the time, while playing a key role in their use of web-hosted and cloud-based applications.  And, minimizing support tickets while increasing customer satisfaction, revenues, and margins, drives your business. SD-WAN gives you … Read more

SD-WAN: Busting the Common VoIP Myths

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is cheaper than traditional phone systems, enables people to connect in a variety ways, and maximizes the money-making potential of businesses (Turnium SD-WAN: The Key to Boosting VoIP Sales).  Despite these benefits, VoIP was originally met with skepticism regarding its reliability and effectiveness.  Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) breaks down the … Read more

Turnium SD-WAN: The Platform to Boost VoIP Sales

Phone calls are crucial to the everyday functioning of business.  Without phones, sales, customer service, and the revenue engine in every business stops.  To maintain operations, reliable, consistent, high-quality voice service is required.  Delivering VOIP and SIP over top of an SD-WAN platform provides always-on, high-quality voice calls and ensures no dropped calls. This keeps … Read more

Turnium SD-WAN: Technology or Business Platform?

SD-WAN is disrupting the communications industry by giving MSPs, ISPs, and the sophisticated IT director the power to deploy, monitor, and manage high-quality, high ROI business networks. SD-WAN provides the competitive edge Service Providers need to differentiate and compete with national and international telecoms. However, SD-WAN is more than software. It is a platform to … Read more

SD-WAN: Making Wireless Branch Connectivity a Reality

Software defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is changing the way we network. While a wired network may be sufficient from a management and cost point of view, but it’s subject to disruption and outages. A truly resilient design includes diversity of access technologies. Introducing wireless technologies such as LTE and 4G to provide business continuity is a great alternative. Wireless works as a fail-over to ensure that your critical applications are always available.

2018 SD-WAN Market Outlook

The SD-WAN industry began to consolidate in 2018 after several years of rapid growth. Cisco purchased Viptela and VMWare purchased VeloCloud to eliminate competitive threats and add to their virtualized network solutions. Independent ISPs and MSPs also began adopting SD-WAN as a platform to expand services and enable delivery to clients. The opportunity for service … Read more

Security and SD-WAN – the Omninet Approach

The future of networking and Internet combines the reliability and ROI of SD-WAN with the security performance of Cloud UTM and Firewall-as-a-Service. Business and consumers rely on their networks and the Internet. Business processes are integrated with Web, Cloud, and Hosted applications to deliver to employees, branch offices and customers. Consumers have integrated the Internet … Read more