Customer Support – Let’s make the Product Better

We have been sharing our partners’ experiences about Turnium Customer Support over the past week. We felt that Dan Rink, the CEO of iTel Networks, Inc. had a rather unique perspective. He found working with our top tiered engineers provided for a quick resolution of any issues that developed. However, our team went beyond just … Read more

Customer Support – Learn how Turnium impressed QX.Net

Customer Service is a critical component of any SD-WAN platform. While we strive to ensure that everything works seamlessly, there will be occasions where our partners need to contact customer support. Turnium understands that when there is an issue, having a quick response that resolves the problem is critical. Time is of the essence. In … Read more

The Best Customer Support is not needing Customer Support

Being there for your clients who need help is a critical component to ensuring their success. We pride ourselves at Turnium that we are best-in-class with our customer support. One of the key reasons is that our support team is comprised of the same people who created the platform. They know how everything fits together … Read more

SD-WAN Security

Internet security breaches are so commonplace that they often are just a footnote on the news. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, we have had over 32 major internet security failures affecting over 410 million internet users. (Idenityforce). Many organizations are currently confronted with the decisions wrestling with the challenge of how to protect … Read more

Client Reports – Why iTel Networks Chose Multapplied Networks!

We felt the best way of learning about Multapplied Networks is through our customers’ experiences and hearing directly from them how it is to work with Multapplied Networks. A number of our customers were asked to share their thoughts. We are sharing their unfiltered responses over the next few weeks and frankly, we could not … Read more

Client Reports – Why Turnium Pricing Model worked for Tierzero

There are many factors that have lead our partners to selecting our SD-WAN platform. Of course one of the major factors is always cost. We are pleased that our partners find the Turnium’s pricing model so attractive. But you don’t have to believe us, just hear what our friends at Tierzero had to say about … Read more

How can SD-WAN benefit your company?

This is part 2 of our 5-part blog series on SD-WAN and how businesses who have multiple office, branch or retail locations can achieve significant cost and performance benefits by replacing current Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN).need to manage data and communications through Wide-Area Networks (WAN) can achieve significant … Read more